Kit Autoterm Air 4D with Comfort panel

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4 kW diesel heater, capable of heating up to 168 m3 of air in one hour.
It is particularly suitable for large vehicles.
Low fuel consumption, up to 0.51 L/h at full power.
Product with European approval.
Supplied as a complete installation kit, including:

• 1 Autoterm AIR 4D oil-fired heater
• 1 Comfort digital control panel with OLED display
• 1 steel shell for the machine body
• 1 Y-fitting
• 2 T-pieces
• 1,5 m tube paper/aluminium Ø 90 mm
• 1 m paper/aluminium hose Ø 75 mm
• 8,3 m paper/aluminium Ø 60 mm
• 5 adjustable nozzles
• 5 flanges for air vents

Minimum power1,0 k W
Maximum power4,0 kW
Minimum air flow 70 m³/h
Maximum air flow168 m³/h
Minimum fuel consumption 0,12 L/h
Maximum fuel consumption 0,51 L/h
Fuel supply Diesel fuelGasolio
Weight5,5 Kg


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