Mover Quattro Titanium

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The Quattro Titanium is the manual approach mover made with advanced technical components, each single element of the mover has been made according to technical specifications that optimize performance by significantly reducing the weight of the kit.
Engineers have taken every opportunity to reduce weight, the Quattro Titanium weighs in at only 23kg per two motors and has been rigorously tested to ensure that these weight savings do not compromise the build quality, strength, longevity or ease of use of the mover. Also the alluminium traction roller, covered by a lifetime warranty, helps to a weight reduction of 1 Kg.
All of this leads to a weight saving of over 10kg on movers from other leading brands; that is up to 10% of your personal payload.
The latest-generation high-performance engine guarantees all the power needed to overcome caravans from 2250 kg (single axle) up to 3500 kg (double axle, tandem auroch) with gradients of up to 25% and smooth and uneven ground.
The kit is equipped with a control unit equipped with the adaptive software QUATTRO that manages the operation of the motors always guaranteeing an agile and precise control through the rediocontrol.
With 5-year manufacturer's warranty!


Tension12 Vdc
Average absorption30 Ah
Maximum absorption75 Ah
Load Capacity2.2 t
Speed10 cm/h
Total weight of the kit35 Kg
Axle widthmin 180 cm/max 250 cm
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