Prakto LPG cylinder 26,3 L with automotive valve

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With PRAKTO filling up with LPG from the gas station is POSSIBLE! The green steel cylinders are equipped with a safety system that limits
their filling to 80%, a limit set by law for the filling of cylinders and tanks of vehicles. The refuelling will take place in total
safety, without taking risks and without incurring sanctions.
To fill the LPG tank, you must purchase the filling kit code FRN690 or FRN681, which includes a 10 cm extension cord and adapters to connect the petrol gun to the tank.
NB: the connection thread to the regulator is EU type, for use with pressure regulators with IT hoses it is necessary to use the adapter fitting cod. RGS106 (included in the FRN690 kit).
Why choose PRAKTO?
- Because it is lighter, compared to iron cylinders it weighs 30% less.
- Because it is safe, it is equipped with quality safety systems and comes with a certificate of conformity and guarantee.
- Because it is cheaper to refuel, LPG for transport costs much less than LPG for domestic use.
- Because with PRAKTO you never stay on foot, the availability of LPG increases with the use of petrol stations.
- Because it is reliable, the PRAKTO cylinder is fitted as standard with a pressure gauge for the precise reading of the gas content.
- Because you pay for the gas you use, you no longer run the risk of losing the remaining gas when changing the cylinder.
- Because it is convenient, thanks to the external refill port (optional) you do not need to remove the cylinder from its compartment.
- Because it has the best quality/price ratio on the market!


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