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The introduction of lithium-ion batteries in motorhomes is making a big step forward in energy storage for recreational vehicle services.
Many motorhome owners want to upgrade their vehicles with a lithium battery, both in new and old vehicles.
In order to be able to exploit the full potential of the lithium battery to the full, the vehicle system must also be adapted.

This is why RAPTOR Bridge was developed, an alternative paralleling device that optimises the connection between the engine battery and the services battery and offers four key advantages:

• it provides a simplified and professional parallel connection between the ancillary battery and the engine battery.
• it convoy the energy generated by the alternator onto a dedicated line, bypassing the motor home's control unit and protecting it from possible overloading
• if installed with cables of the correct cross-section, it allows higher currents to flow, shortening charging times and reducing the voltage drop at the battery poles
•optimises the work carried out by a booster, even in the presence of a smart alternator.


RAPTOR Bridge data sheet (587 KB)
RAPTOR Bridge instruction booklet (458 KB)

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