Butane cooker with case

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The new butane cooker with a new design and safety features!
It is equipped with a new and safer cartridge compartment protected against accidental overheating, which interrupts the flow of gas in the event of an abnormal increase in cartridge temperature, and a safety system with automatic cartridge release and manual reset in the event of overpressure.
These features increase the level of safety, which now complies with the current EN 17476/2021 standard.
Ease of use and practicality are the strong points of this cooker, which will allow you to cook anywhere, in a camper, in a caravan, on a veranda and even at the table.
Equipped with piezo ignition.

Power1.900 W
Use138 g/h
Weight2,2 kg
Dimensions340 x 290 x 125 mm

Circular product update.

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