Germicide disinfectant Spray Medical

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Disinfectant Spray Medical Spray 150 ml, disinfects and purifies spaces such as hospital rooms, surgeries, classrooms, offices, vehicle cabins and recreational vehicles.
It performs a bactericidal and fungicidal action. Does not stain treated surfaces.
Medical Surgical Reg. Min. Health No. 19325.

Mode of use:
Clean the passenger compartment carefully and make sure that the cigarette lighter is not in working mode. Open drawers, storage compartments, air vents and close windows. When the vehicle is running, set the air conditioning circuit to maximum position by activating the recirculation mode and the fan at maximum speed, remove the pollen filter if necessary. Shake the cylinder before use and place it on the floor in the centre of the passenger compartment. Press the button fully until it locks in the full empty position, exit the passenger compartment and close the doors. Wait for the cylinder to empty completely and allow it to operate for at least 15 minutes. Before entering in the vehicle, ventilate the vehicle by opening the doors and removing any residue with a clean towel.
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